Passionate water dwellers aiming to make boating accessible to all. A comfortable charter vessel carrying a party of 12 on pristine waterways of WA


Shimano Explorer is a 10.5 m Clayton Gallant that will fit 12 passengers comfortably.  Our aim is to make boating accessible to all and to share what we are most passionate about, adventures on the water.  The vessel has a toilet and a spacious back deck.


Jay Grove is an experienced skipper and holds a Master 5 ticket.  He has been in the cray fishing industry for 10 years and octopus fishing industry for 3 years in the waters south of Perth and south west of WA.  Jay has also spent a total of a year in waters off Exmouth and Coral Bay.  Jay is extremely familiar with navigating the waterways at Rottnest Island, Mandurah, Perth and Exmouth. You will be in great hands! 

Min Ng assists with administration and bookings.  Min spent all her childhood snorkelling. fishing and diving off waters at Christmas Island.  Her love of the water has continued and Min spends as much time boating as she can.