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Very friendly and helpful people, had a great evening.

Linda Kennedy Wellings 22/12/2018

Went out for the Christmas light cruise. There was lots of room and both us and the kids had a great time!

Sarah Arm 17/12/2018

Jay and Min were so warm and welcoming! The trip was very comfortable! Plenty of room for the kids! 😍 thanks for a fantastic night guys!

Angie Phanyingyok 22/12/2018

We booked a Christmas light cruise on the Shimano Explorer on one of the busiest nights of the year, hundreds of boats out there. We were well looked after and felt safe for the entire cruise, it must take nerves of steel to deal with that amount of congestion! It was a fantastic experience for adults and kids alike. Highly recommend👍🏻

Eve Manns 23/12/2018

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